B grade

B grade educational material

The educational material for the second grade of primary school has been gradually developed and is in consistence with the material of the first grade.

More specifically, the educational material for grade B recycles the language taught in grade A, while it includes a wider variety of thematic areas, introduces new schemata, enriches the students’ knowledge and requires language use in more complicated communicative contexts.

As second graders have acquired some kind of school literacy in Greek, they can now gradually be introduced to the English graphemes and phonemes through certain activities. For instance, they are introduced to the English alphabet by copying words or phrases to achieve a communicative purpose such as answering a questionnaire, presenting the class album or making a card for Mother’s Day.

Moreover, the activities create a communicative context in which students develop their cooperation skills. The success of the venture depends both on their individual and the group effort and there is also a final product (i.e. posters, art and crafts, drama events, etc.) to boost their self-confidence.

The educational material for the second grade consists of 46 basic teaching units and 26 extra activities. As in grade A, the extra teaching units provide teachers with cognitively less or more demanding activities and promote a differentiated approach to language learning. 

The B grade syllabus is available here

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